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“How do they do that…!?”

A professionally made video in which a personal element suddenly appears – a children’s drawing, a picture just sent in, your company logo, etc. – that’s where the magic begins. The surprised viewer is sure to respond with “How do they do that…!?” Thanks to the Magical Media technique, your video messages will get the attention they deserve!

A magical moment for young and old!

Our ‘magical’ videos are not only a treat for children, but also for conveying an adult message. Viral marketing campaigns have a proven effect and research has shown that personal videos have an even higher attention value.

Like magic…!

If desired, Magical Media can not only take care of all production work, but also the distribution of your magical video messages. This includes mobile apps that let consumers put together a video in an amazingly easy way.


A magical process!

Partnering up with Magical Media means joining us for a magical process. We first discuss all ‘variables’ with the client. These are the moments when your child or customer is spoken to directly. This could mean mentioning a name or displaying a personal picture or logo. It is also possible to show detailed customer information, such as calling habits or energy consumption rates. Naturally, a personal intake interview forms the basis of your personal video.


After the intake interview, we set to work immediately. Together with a team of expert scriptwriters, directors and actors, we put together a proposal for you. The proposal is based on your preferences: the location, music, length, and look & feel you desire for your personal video message. It goes without saying that you will have the opportunity to make changes at various points in the process.
This way, you will never be hit with any surprises and we provide a clear and complete overview of all costs and options.

The end product

At the end of the magical process, you have a video message that your customers cannot ignore! Whether this involves sending a DVD, a download on a computer, tablet or mobile device, or streaming, all forms of distribution are possible via our system.

Spreading the magic

What’s more, together with you we can work towards further spreading and promoting your message. Your target group is easier to reach with a personal message than you realise!

Brainstorm -> Script -> Production -> Distribution


Want to learn more?

Please feel free to contact Magical Media for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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